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You will participate in two hunts of your choice per day. One hunt will be in in the dawn of the morning and then the sunset of the afternoon. Most of the time you will be hunting ducks in the morning over water and geese in the afternoon unless you wish to do otherwise. You will be hunting out of heated blinds, and pits. if you wish to hunt a field in lay-out blinds that is also an option you can exercise. Harvested birds will be mostly Canada geese with an occasional Snow Goose or White Fronted goose in the field. Over the water you will see mostly Mallards, some Widgeon Gadwall, a few Pintails, or some Teal. Top of the line and award winning calling will be used during your hunt. There will be a lot of great opportunity to get the "in your face" action everyone wants to be a part of. From early October to the the beginning of February Angel Wing Outfitters will be able to put you on the birds!

Season for mallards usually runs from the last couple weeks of October to the last weeks of January

Goose season usually runs from last week of October to the first week of February


Geese: Daily bag limit of 5 per person.
Geese Possession: triple the daily bag limit or 15 dark geese

Ducks: ducks. May include no more than 5 mallards (of which no more than 2 can be hens), 3 wood ducks, 2 redheads, 2 pintails, 3 scaup and 1 canvasback.  
Duck Possession: three times the daily bag limit or 18 ducks.


Fully Guided Duck and Goose Combo:
$1,800.00 per person  for 3 days, 4 nights stay

Lodging, Meals, Entertainment, Drinks

Please bring the proper hunting attire for cold weather conditions. We would you rather be cozy than cold even though all of our blinds will be heated. 
It is required for you to provide your own shotgun and shotgun shells. 3' #2 shot is a great load for ducks and geese.


Maximum number of 5 hunters per group. If there is any more you will have to split up the group which is OK! it will not affect your hunting and it is fun to hear the stories combine from the day!

Minimum of 2 hunters per group.
(308) 765-1843