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Guide/ Taylor Lackey 

I was born and raised here in western Nebraska where I have hunted waterfowl and big game since the day I could go out with my dad. Growing up my family was always hunting, it's a way we spend family time together. Hunting, especially waterfowl hunting, has become a passion of mine and I absolutely love doing it. To me there is no better rush than to trick birds into finishing in your lap on a cold crisp morning.

Guide/ Nathan Southard

I grew up here in Western Nebraska and was born with the lifestyle of hunting and fishing. Hunting waterfowl is my passion but I also love bow hunting whitetail deer and turkey. I recently graduated from Chadron State College with a bachelor of science degree in Agronomy and Rangeland Ecology Management. The other guides as well as myself are very experienced with hunting waterfowl around our area and assure you with some of the finest waterfowl hunts and being able to take home life-long memories. We will do our very best to provide you with an unforgettable experience when you come hunt with Angel Wing Outfitters. 

Owner/Guide Ethan Kerk

My passion for waterfowl began at a very young age and has grown into my lifestyle since then. I was born and raised in the heart of Western Nebraska and have many seasons with the birds in our area. I began guiding at the age of 15 and guided throughout the years to find myself where i am today. Waterfowl hunting is not a hobby to me it is part of who i am as a person. Spending time during the off season prepping for the upcoming seasons is pure fuel to my fire, watching the sunrise and birds angel wing in the decoys at the first light of dawn is where my heart is. I take high regards to perfection in everything i do and that reflects on Angel Wing Outfitters tremendously. I currently pro-staff for Gander Valley Custom Calls and practice calling almost daily. My mission with Angel Wing Outfitters is to provide an unforgettable, memorable hunt of a lifetime to the customers and be able to pass the passion for the outdoors onto many others. Being able to see the smile on peoples face after a great day leaves me satisfied with spending my time giving people a great place to hunt waterfowl. I look forward to many years of upcoming seasons and strive to fine tune my skills every year. Thank you for visiting Angel Wing Outfitters!
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